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Cinthie, a Berlin-based DJ and producer, has emerged as a highly respected figure in the electronic music world, both in her hometown and internationally. Her extensive touring includes performances in major cities like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm, Seoul, and Osaka, showcasing her unique DJ style.

Starting her career in Berlin in the early nineties as a teenager, Cinthie’s deep knowledge and experience are evident in her sets and productions, which span a wide range of classic and contemporary House and Techno sounds. Recently, she has focused on her future aspirations, dedicating significant time to building a state-of-the-art studio equipped with notable vintage drum machines and synthesizers.

Cinthie initially gained recognition with the Beste Modus / Beste Freunde collective, alongside Diego Krause, Ed Herbst, and stevn.aint.leavn, while also managing Unison Wax and We_R House. Her latest venture is the 803 Crystalgrooves imprint, which has quickly gained acclaim and focuses on her productions and those of her close associates through its sub-label, Collective Cuts. Additionally, she has developed a growing partnership with Will Saul’s Aus imprint, where her debut album was released in 2020. Cinthie’s unwavering commitment to House music continues to drive her career forward into the new decade.