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Joey Daniel

Joey Daniel, a prominent DJ from Rotterdam now based in Amsterdam, has been a major force in the Dutch dance scene for nearly a decade. Known for his captivating sets, Joey has performed across the Netherlands and achieved international recognition with his 2015 debut in Ibiza. He began his career at warehouse parties in Rotterdam, leading to a residency at the renowned Toffler nightclub, where he became famous for his marathon sets.

Joey’s music, deeply rooted in the low-end, dubby tech spectrum, is characterized by strong bass and rhythmic percussion. He’s the mastermind behind the 300MPH parties at Toffler and the creator of DSTRCT in Amsterdam, both of which have significantly impacted the local nightlife. Internationally, Joey has impressed audiences at festivals like Awakenings and Elrow Barcelona.

In the studio, Joey’s first release, “You Know My Streez,” was a Beatport top 10 hit, followed by successful tracks like “Pantys All Over The Place.” His recent work includes various collaborations and solo projects.

2015 marked a turning point in Joey’s career with performances at Music On in Ibiza and representation by Orbeat Bookings, leading to gigs at Ibiza Global Radio and other prestigious venues. Joey Daniel’s journey reflects his dedication and skill, solidifying his status in the global electronic music scene.