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Juliet Sikora & Ante Perry – Phoenix Humboldt

This release sees Ante Perry team up with a host of names in his very own studio in Dortmund. First up Belgian artist Maxim Lany is the first to accompany him in a deeply warm number named ‘Honigmitmais’, a track possessing a sullen resonating sub-bass and romantic piano stabs with male vocal coos scattered throughout. ‘XTC1’ with German artist Dirty Doering then shifts the mood, dominated by a low-end unmistakably Perry with the addition of pitched down vocals and eerie atmospherics make for a trippier track altogether.

Up third, Kittball’s leading lady Juliet Sikora joins the producer for a far more upbeat number called ‘Phoenix Humboldt’ that is comprised of playful chimes, cut up vocals and a lively bassline making this one best suited for peak time madness. Lastly Dutch producer Shimmer works alongside Perry on ‘Salty Fries’, a cut that features a salubrious arpeggiated hook, unintelligible vocals and trance-inducing synth washes to tie up an exciting and eclectic release.